Saturday, March 26, 2016

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Happy Easter weekend!

Has anyone else come down with spring fever lately? I'm loving these longer, sunnier days and watching the grass gradually brighten into vibrant green. Not to mention, my heart leaps every time I see little flower sprouts peeping out of the ground! I'm always so impatient for the flowers to start blooming. Every spring, I always end up making these paper flowers to hold myself over until the real ones blossom! I love making these paper flowers- they're so cheery, each flower only takes a minute to make, and you have all the materials already! They instantly brighten up any space and they create such a lovely flowery atmosphere that's sure to get you in a springy mood!

I'm giving you a full tutorial today so you can make bundles of beautiful flowers for yourself! Keep scrolling for the walkthrough.


Tissue Paper | Scissors | Stapler

Cut up the tissue paper into squares. Mine were about 3" x 3" but the size is totally up to you. The bigger the squares, the bigger the flowers.

Take three of the squares and stack them up. The more squares you have in each stack, the more petals you'll have. However, I find that three works best- it's not too many, not too little.

Accordion-fold the stack.

Staple the accordion directly in the center, as pictured.

Just so you can make sure that you're on the right track, these cute little bow ties are what you should have at this point!

Next, we're going to give the petals a little shape by cutting the ends of the bow ties. You can make different types of flowers depending on the cut of the petals and alternating the colors of the paper in each stack (before you staple them).

Now, take one end of the flower and very carefully pull the layers of paper apart, each in the same upward direction. The picture shows the first layer peeled up (my fingers are holding it).

Separate the rest of the layers and fluff/shape the petals as needed.

Repeat on the other side.

You made it!

Wasn't that the easiest thing ever? You can make so many gorgeous decorations with these things! I've made garlands by stringing them together and I've glued them to twigs to make pretty floral arrangements for my bedroom.

However, I made these flowers in particular for a new project- a personalized floral monogram that you can hang on your wall! I'll be posting the whole project soon, so get excited!

Happy spring and stay crafty xx

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