Friday, July 1, 2016

DIY Pearl Bar Necklace

Hip hip hooray! July has finally arrived!

Bar necklaces are popping up everywhere as the cute, trendy, summer accessory. I decided this is the perfect type of necklace to compliment the many silky whites and creme palettes in my summer wardrobe. No breezy summer outfit can argue with the simplicity of pearls and gold. So, I whipped up a quick and easy DIY project for a pearl bar necklace! Prepare to be bombarded with compliments at your next summer barbecue! ;)

This necklace uses just 5 materials and only takes 5 minutes to make. Keep scrolling for the full tutorial!


Pliers | Gold Necklace Chain | Small Jump Rings | Eye Pin | Pearl Beads 

First, string the beads onto the eye pin.

(Also, sorry the beads are difficult to see! I guess pearl on white doesn't photograph too well!)

Next, use your pliers to bend a loop on the open end of the eye pin.

Now, figure out how long you want the necklace and adjust the length of the necklace chain accordingly. Keep in mind that adding the bar will add a bit length to the necklace so measure the chain a bit smaller than how you want it.

Once you have the length you want, find the center of the chain and split the chain in half (I simply used the wire cutter area on my pliers to snip the chain).

Attach the small jump rings on the exposed chain ends as well as the ends of the beaded pin. Also, if your chain doesn't already have it, attach a necklace clasp.

You made it!

Easy, breezy, right?

This necklace is so simple to make yet it does wonders to freshen up your summer look! I even made a matching bracelet to create the perfect minimalist, yet sophisticated, ensemble for my white silk tank. I've also seen beautiful turquoise beaded bar necklaces that give a striking pop of blue. Perhaps my new necklace will soon have a new friend...

Let me know what colors/beads you used for your bar necklace(s) and stay on the lookout for more jewelry tutorials!

Stay cool and keep it crafty! xx

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