Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DIY Thick Choker Necklace

Happy holidays everyone!

Remember my DIY Velvet Choker Necklace I posted back in the spring? Now I'm presenting the new and improved thick velvet choker necklace tutorial! Think of it as a thank-you holiday gift from me to you, my loyal readers!

I've noticed that one of the fastest growing jewelry trends this season is thick choker necklaces. They are such a huge step-up from the simple, skinny ones! They're bold, daring, mature and they can literally dress up anything! So why wouldn't you want one of these on your Christmas list?

Lucky for you, I have a SUPER easy tutorial on how to make one of these beauties for yourself! Think of it as a reward for all the hard-core crafting you did this year. Or make an extra to give to your trendy friend as a Christmas present. You'll both look like bombshells when you wear this choker to your Christmas and New Years parties!

Now a heads-up before you start- I have two separate tutorials for this necklace. You can follow the first few steps and make this choker the easy way. Or you can keep going for the advanced way. I definitely suggest the advanced tutorial (it's really not hard at all!) because you're going to get a more comfortable, quality necklace.


Black Velvet | Pliers | Scissors | Ruler | Bracelet Crimp Ends | Necklace Chain | Jump Rings | Necklace Clasp | Silver Sharpie | Thread and Needle

Step 1

EASY: Flip the velvet on the backside and measure as 1 1/4 in. X 11 1/2 in. Mark your measurements with a silver Sharpie so you know where to cut. Cut out your strip of material.

ADVANCED: Double the measurements from the easy tutorial above^. The idea is that you're going to fold the material in half and sew it. So, make sure when you fold the strip in half it's the thickness you want the necklace.

Note: The reason why I suggest the advanced version is because it looks better, feels better, and holds up better. If you just use a simple strip of fabric (specifically velvet), it'll roll up on itself and the raw ends will scratch your neck. So I highly suggest following the advanced version if you want to wear this choker to more than one event!

Step 2

EASY: Take the strip and using your pliers, attach the bracelet crimp ends and necklace clasp to the ends of the material. If you want your necklace to be adjustable, attach a short length of necklace chain as well.


ADVANCED: Move on to the next step!

Step 3

Fold the material in half inside-out and hand-sew it. You'll create a tube-like shape. Carefully curl the tube inside out so now the nice-velvety side of the material is on the outside. Flatten the material so the seam runs along the center of the choker as shown above. Sew both ends of the tube. Finally, attach the bracelet crimp ends and the jump rings. 

You made it!

Look at how pretty your new choker turned out- taking the advanced steps is definitely worth it! Now you have the perfect last-minute Christmas gift or holiday dress accessory that's ready to go in minutes!

Let me know how your chokers turned out! Do you fancy your thick choker or are you definitely a skinny choker kind of girl? Did you find a hack to the easy tutorial to make the choker hold up better?

Have a Merry Christmas and see you in the new year! 2017 is going to be a whole new year of DIYs! 

Stay crafty xx

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